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Bugs and fixes

Any known issues and how to temporarily solve them. Fixes will be incorporated into the next version of the theme. A bunch of fixed issues are usually submitted together for WordPress theme approval.




ISSUE: Visual editors on the options page don’t work, but the ‘text’ editor does (e.g. Home Page 01, Home Page 02 and footer content in the Premium theme).

FIX: There were major changes in TinyMce recently and since WP 3.9 there have been a lot of threads about this problem. However I haven’t yet found any applicable solutions that apply to this theme (i.e. for the technically minded solutions that use wp_editor). The temporary fix is to create a draft post or Page, switch to Text view then copy and paste everything from that draft post or Page into the text view of Home Page 01 etc.


ISSUE: Header image has shrunk

FIX: I made the design decision that header images should NOT fill the width of the page as users like to upload logos etc. and don’t want them filling the width of the page. However, in earlier versions the header image DID fill the width of the page. If you want your header image to fill the width of the page paste this in the very top options box (1)

<style type=”text/css”>
img.header {


(To write up)

Menu description colors.

Site title and site description colorsĀ  (when no header image)

Indent multiple post heading when create home page post left space

Ability to center or align right top and bottom menus (bug fix? feature?)


VERSION: All versions

ISSUE: Site looks ‘wrong’ in some way

FIX: Options haven’t been saved. This can happen if a user uploads a new version of the theme by FTP and has a look at the site without saving the options page. Because the options haven’t been saved the website can’t find those options and therefore can’t build itself correctly. The solution is to go to ‘Appearance / Childishly Simple Options’ and click ‘Save Everything’.

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