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Childishly Simple child themes

Make any changes that you want to a child theme and those changes won’t be affected by future updates to the parent (‘Childishly Simple’ or ‘Childishly Simple Premium’) theme.

If you’ve got several different color schemes and you want to switch between them you also need to paste those saved color schemes into a child theme otherwise those color schemes (‘Color scheme 01’, ‘Color scheme 02’, ‘Color scheme 03’ etc.) will be overwritten on every update.

The colors that you’ve chosen on the Childishly Simple options page are NOT overwritten on updates.

Here are two bare-bones child themes for the Childishly Simple Free or Premium theme.

Simply download the appropriate zip file to your computer then from within the Admin Screen (Appearance > Themes >Install Themes) install and activate it. As it’s technically a new theme you’ll need to reinstall your header (Appearance > Header), reset your menus (which should only take a second – Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations) and change some of the settings in your widgets. You shouldn’t notice any other differences. All your previously saved options (Appearance > Childishly Simple Options) should still be there.


For the free Childishly Simple theme – FREE childishly simple child


For the Childishly Simple Premium child theme – FREE Childishly Simple Premium child

And you can see the features and buy the Premium theme here 🙂



Advanced users: how a child theme works

Every file in the parent theme is automatically cross-referenced with the child theme. If the child theme has that same file then the child theme wins i.e. the child theme file is used instead of the parent theme. There are only two exceptions:


style.css – the child theme style.css is blank. But what it does do is import the parent theme’s style.css. If you want to add your own unique styles then add them to the bottom of the child theme’s style.css


Here’s how it looks:


Start child theme stylesheet
Very first thing parent theme stylesheet is automically imported
Add your own unique styles
End child theme stylesheet



functions.php – functions.php of the child theme is loaded first and then the functions.php of the parent theme is loaded as well.

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