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Childishly Simple Premium (no longer for sale)



This product is no longer for sale

A beautifully simple theme for creating your own unique WordPress website.

The Childishly Simple Premium theme has options to change font sizes (text sizes) and to change font families (what the text looks like) using Google fonts in over 30 different areas of your theme e.g. sidebars, footer, comments, post authors, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 headings in posts and Pages. Simply enter a number to change the font-size and enter a font-family name¬† to change the font family (click on the image below for instructions, it’s quite a big image so takes a moment to load).


Also unique to the Premium theme is the ability to easily add text, videos or images to the bottom of the website. No need to know code! Add your own copyright notice, RSS feed images,  linked thumbnail images in fact anything that you can add into a normal post!

You can also turn home page top and bottom menus on or off, turn home page footer widgets on or off and increase the height of the home page footer spacer allowing you to create a uniquely customised home page.

Once installed and activated the Premium theme uses all the saved options from the free theme so that you don’t lose ANY settings from your site.

‘REALLY like the theme by the way very cool indeed’ – C.
‘Thank you for all of your help. Not only have you produced a wonderful theme, your help has been wonderful – R.’