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WooCommerce and Childishly Simple theme

If you use Woocommerce there are two Woocommerce Page templates. These are ONLY for two specific pages in the shopping cart, the ‘Terms and conditions’ page and the ‘Change Password’ page and they allow you to style the ‘Terms and conditions’ and ‘Change Password’ pages to fit in with the rest of the shopping cart. All other Woocommerce shopping cart pages are output either by woocommerce.php or page.php and by default have sidebars. If you don’t want sidebars in your Woocommerce shopping cart then paste the contents of woocommerce-without-sidebars.php into woocommerce.php and for those shopping cart pages that still have sidebars use the page template ‘Page without sidebrs’.

You can find both woocommerce.php and woocommerce-without-sidebars.php by going to Appearance / Editor

Note that all I’ve done is follow some very simple WooCommerce instructions on how to include WooCommerce in a theme. The actual functioning of WooCommerce is nothing to do with me. All WooCommerce features should work.

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